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Hearthstone Wild Tournament

„Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters. Overwatch World Cup. Hearthstone Masters. StarCraft II WCS. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Community-Turniere. Schließen. Flatch_ 3 12 EipokKruden 0 Flatch_ 3 11 jonaqec 3 Flyboi55 0 10 renojackson_hs 2 Flatch_ 3 9 cone 0 EipokKruden 3 8 Velken_Iakov 0.


Wild Tournament. Tournament Individu antara anggota komunitas HSID yang diselenggarakan di sebuah cafe. Atau tempat yang telah ditunjuk untuk. International Finals (the “Tournament(s)”). These Official Rules, in conjunction with the / Hearthstone Tournament Player. Handbook. Flatch_ 3 12 EipokKruden 0 Flatch_ 3 11 jonaqec 3 Flyboi55 0 10 renojackson_hs 2 Flatch_ 3 9 cone 0 EipokKruden 3 8 Velken_Iakov 0.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament Hearthstone Video

Alb987 vs. Control - Grand Final - 2017 Wild Open Tournament

Hearthstone Wild Tournament. - Wild Combo Priest

Aggro Mage. Hi, guys! We're running a new series of Hearthstone Wild tournaments for next few weeks. We're partnering with *Heart of the Wild* Hearthstone Facebo. Die Hearthstone Wild Open sind zurück! Hier findet ihr alle Details zum wildesten Turnier des Jahres. Overwatch World Cup. Hearthstone Masters. StarCraft II WCS. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Community-Turniere. Schließen. „Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters.

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Du hast dich erfolgreich für dein Turnier registriert. Nevertheless, the odd Wild tournament has cropped up in the past, and just last week Blizzard announced that later this year they’ll be hosting the Hearthstone Wild Open: a global tournament Author: James Pickard. All Hearthstone tournaments. List of all future and past tournaments, schedule of events and matches Tournament Date Prize Pool; Hearthstone World Championship $, Battleriff Invitational 2: $1, Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever. The online-only Wild Open will have qualification into playoffs via the Wild ranked ladder and boast a $30, prize pool split among the Top Eight.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament

Read More. Just like a bonfire on a crisp fall night, Secret Mage is the perfect deck to burn away your opponents in… Read More.

Odd Paladin was a strong competitor for the best Wild deck in the Witchwood meta and it recently got support with the addition of Tour Guide and… Read More.

How to coach your student, easy to understand concept to increase success in hearthstone. Post to Cancel. Skip to Content. Perhaps we need a tournament that embraces the chaos and randomness of Hearthstone.

Written by James Pickard Published on Hearthstone is already a crazy game. Babbling Books regularly pull Polymorphs. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Quote from Blizzard. Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever.

Want to try your hand? Details for deck submission and other playoff rulings will be sent to qualified players closer to the tournament.

There will be no broadcast for the qualifiers or playoffs. To confirm eligibility or learn more about the tournament, check out the official rules.

The best-of-five single elimination Conquest bracket will be played with four decks, one ban, and open deck lists. Hey hey I know this topic is pretty buried but I noticed it says it runs until January 30th.

Does the 31st not count? You misunderstood my post, I never said this nerf is not necessary I said the moment of the nerf just before the tournament is a bit strange Tier 1 : Well-optimized decks with extremely efficient and overwhelmingly powerful combos and card synergies that makes losing against these decks feel helpless and unfair.

Tier 2 : Competitive decks that have a few slight weaknesses e. Tier 3 : Average decks that aren't bad, but also aren't optimized or refined; decks that have styles not currently favored by the metagame.

Tier 4 : Inconsistent decks that are unrefined, out-of-flavor, overly niche, or retired. Taking wins off upper-tier decks requires an intimate understanding of the role of every card in the deck.

Tier 5 : Fun decks that should only be used if you play Hearthstone for the joy of the gameplay, rather than the joy of winning. The Wild format has descended into Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

While initial impressions of the set have been lackluster in terms of groundbreaking impact on the format, new cards have resurrected old archetypes and have pushed the power levels of a few of the best decks that much further ahead of the rest of the field.

Two of the archetypes our experts pegged as Tier 1 to begin this expansion cycle all saw huge support come their way, increasing the gap between them and the rest of the meta.

In the early days of the meta, our experts have a keen eye on the performance of perennial aggressive archetypes. Odd Paladin in particular saw a huge boost in power from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

Carnival Barker has made an expected, immediate impact on lists, having incorporated right in and proving the hype correct.

Even Lothraxion the Redeemed has shown a bit of promise, overcoming the initial damper of an impression the community gave the card. One thing is for sure: Odd Paladin is one of the top powerhouse archetypes to be on the lookout for.

Despite no new additions, Darkglare Warlock retains its firm grip in Tier 1. The strategy it employs is far and away one of the most powerful strategies in the format.

On the other hand, Reno Priest received two incredibly powerful tools, to the tune of Insight and Palm Reading.

Anything that employs cost reduction and targeted draw is always worth consideration, and these two spells are definitely worth their weight in slots in the deck as well as in their measly dust cost!

However, the difference between the two archetypes put up against Aggro Druid, Odd Paladin, and the meta at large is quite visible.

One of the most notable up-and-comer archetypes continues to be Galakrond Warrior. This high-tempo aggressive mid-range archetype got a fair bit of help in a big way.

Initial impressions saw the menagerie package as an underwhelming prospect. However, in practice, it has worked out very well.

Additionally, the flexibility to run the Bomb package and tutor all pieces for it gives Galakrond Warrior game against Reno Priest, an all-important matchup that needs to be thought of when going through the deck-building process!

The latest expansion is one of the most creative and unique expansions the game has ever seen. The creativity of the new cards brings so much promise to deck building and play patterns.

The meta is primed for experimentation and innovation as long as the big bads of the format are kept in check.

And although that's easier said than done, Tier S is still a ways off for the best of the best the meta has to offer. Rank Meta Snapshot 20?

Hide Show Legend. Reno Priest. Darkglare Warlock. Aggro Druid. Odd Paladin. View Deck. Reno Priest is a fairly straightforward archetype, focused around using a combination of the Battlecry from Raza the Chained and the Hero Power of Shadowreaper Anduin to burst opponents down with frightening efficiency.

Due to the unique refresh ability of the Shadowreaper Anduin Hero Power, many of the inclusions in the list are cheap cards that quickly cycle through the deck, like Novice Engineer, Loot Hoarder, and Insight.

Lorekeeper Polkelt is a core part of the deck that streamlines the combo when built around, which is why most cards in the deck cost less than 4 mana.

This allows the Priest to consistently have Shadowreaper Anduin active with a discounted Hero Power by turn 9.

With the recent release of Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, the deck received two new inclusions, in the form of Insight and Palm Reading. Both cards make the early game a bit smoother for the Priest player.

Reno Priest stays on top of the format into yet another expansion cycle, leaving many players wondering how long this can go on.

Nothing was gained from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire by the few archetypes favored into Reno Priest, leaving the top of the metagame mostly the same as before.

Strangely enough, most of the archetypes in Wild that did receive strong new tools are wildly unfavored into Reno Priest.

Odd Paladin and Big Priest both gained archetype-defining cards, and both of these decks have a very hard time competing with the raw consistency of Reno Priest.

Aggro Druid is as popular as ever, gaining no new cards and remaining easy prey for Reno Jackson and company.

Quest Mage still does a great job of putting Anduin in his place, but these opponents are few and far between. Galakrond Warrior is showing early potential in this metagame and still functions as a strong counter to Reno Priest, but the archetype has never managed to garner a high play rate in the past.

Due to the slight increase in the amount of Darkglare Warlock on the ladder, most Reno Priest players are now including Wave of Apathy.

The archetype did manage to pick up a few inclusions from the new expansion in the form of Insight and Palm Reading, both functioning as tools to make the transition from early to midgame easier.

Reno Priest is seemingly unstoppable in Wild currently, and players are eagerly waiting to see how many expansions it takes to change that. With this archetype, players look to do damage to their Hero early and often, which synergizes with cheating out several massive minions incredibly early and presenting an insurmountable board.

This dynamic enables incredibly powerful swing turns when paired with reliable self-harm cards like Kobold Librarian, Raise Dead, and Tour Guide.

From there, players look to teeter on the edge of disaster to cheat out two massive Giants—Molten Giant from the Hall of Fame and Flesh Giant from Scholomance Academy—before using direct damage like Soulfire to finish opponents or Loatheb and Cult Neophyte to lock out opposing spell-based removal.

Alongside this general plan are minions to add value and keep the player alive. Lesser Amethyst Spellstone synergizes well with all the self-harm and restores life at critical moments while managing opposing threats.

Defile helps deal with aggressive opponents like Aggro Druid. And Pen Flinger can deal damage to opponents and allies alike.

Darkglare Zoo Warlock is a high-skill, high-reward deck. The ability to cheat out early Molten Giant and Flesh Giant minions is backbreaking when paired with mana-stifling cards like Cult Neophyte and—especially—Loatheb.

Aggro Druid and Secret Mage can sometimes outrace Darkglare Zoo Warlock, and decks with early Taunt minions can sometimes build a big enough wall to survive.

A critical tip for incoming Darkglare Zoo Warlock players is to carefully consider the mulligan. Consider the deck as a triangle alongside Darkglare itself, made up of cards that cycle, Raise Dead, and the Giants.

While the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has opened its gates, Darkglare Zoo Warlock sees no new cards in its initial lineups. But further experimentation and refinement may yet change that.

For now, we continue to recommend the list piloted by Shiawasena to top Legend placement. Aggro Druid is a very explosive archetype, with the simple goal of making a board of large minions as quickly as possible.

This is accomplished by playing a horde of cheap minions alongside similarly cheap board-wide buff effects, like Mark of the Lotus and Power of the Wild.

Embiggen also plays an important role in the archetype, making every minion bigger before they are even drawn. In order to efficiently spam small minions, the deck uses a Pirate package with Parachute Brigand and Patches the Pirate to rapidly flood the board.

Gibberling, Living Roots, and Adorable Infestation also do double duty in the deck by producing multiple minions at the cost of only one card.

Voracious Reader was a very important addition to the deck, guaranteeing a new hand when Druid players inevitably play out their old hand very quickly.

Savage Roar is the best finisher the archetype has, as even a few minions can turn to lethal damage. Aggro Druid has yet to include any cards from Madness at Darkmoon Faire, but over time, players may find something worth slotting into the deck.

Aggro Druid was one of the many archetypes in Wild that received no new inclusions with Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, but the deck has still gained popularity despite this dearth of new entries.

It seems that, every day, more and more players are picking up the archetype, as it is the most currently the most played aggressive deck by far.

The explosive and consistent nature of the deck seems to draw players in, and the deck boasts quite a few decent matchups in the current metagame.

Darkglare Warlock tends to be unbeatable for most decks, but Aggro Druid is just fast enough to pressure Darkglare Warlock into either having a big turn early or losing the game.

The dominance of Reno Priest is what is keeping Aggro Druid in check, as Reno Priest plays many efficient removal spells.

The return of Big Priest also doesn't help Aggro Druid's percentage points, as early large Taunts or board wipes can take the Druid player out of the game quickly.

Without any inclusions from the new expansion, most lists for Aggro Druid remain unchanged in recent weeks. Some players have been trying Speaker Gidra as a way to get ahead in aggressive mirrors, but it is yet to be seen if the card warrants a spot.

Aggro Druid's prominent presence means that players must be prepared to face it on the ladder, as the game—win or lose—is going to be over quickly.

Steward of Darkshire. Corridor Creeper. Blessing of Authority. Odd Paladin is a staple of the Wild format. The deck is rounded out with an abundance of ways to buff the Recruits, punishing players who are unable to clear the relentless waves of soldiers reporting for duty.

After burning through their resources, Odd Paladin players can quickly refill their hand with Divine Favor or Crystology.

Oh My Yogg! Additionally, Oh My Yogg! Finally, Lothraxion the Redeemed grants a permanent Divine Shield effect to your Recruits, which is incredibly powerful in games of attrition against control opponents.

While Odd Paladin currently appears in our top four archetypes of the format, it should be noted that the top two decks, Reno Priest and Darkglare Warlock, are way out in front of the bottom 2, Odd Paladin and Aggro Druid.

Reno Priest is particularly strong into Odd Paladin, although additions like Lothraxion the Redeemed are certainly welcomed to improve prospects.

The power of Odd Paladin lies in its incredible synergy and consistency. Between Tour Guide, Crystology, Lost in the Jungle, and Muster for Battle, Odd Paladin quickly establishes a threatening board state within the first few turns of each game.

At the same time, various Secrets can interrupt the opponent's counterplay, and maintaining card advantage can quickly be punished by Divine Favor.

Decks that can pump out a large number of stats, especially Taunt minions, can be a significant issue for Odd Paladin, however.

If they get on board, decks like Big Priest, Cube Warlock, and Big Shaman can become too difficult to overcome without resorting to otherwise-awful tech cards like Ironbeak Owl.

The jury is still out on Lothraxion; while some players think it is overrated or too slow, its value when played on curve against slow decks cannot be understated.

Given the redundancy between Lothraxion and Steward of Darkshire, we advise trying Blessing of Authority or Corridor Creeper over the Stewards in the featured list.

Odd Rogue is an archetype that was created during the Witchwood expansion. The card Baku the Mooneater upgrades the starting Hero Power of the deck he is in, if you have only odd-costed cards in your deck when the game starts.

This enables the regular 1-Attack and 2-durability weapon to become a 2-Attack and 2-durability weapon. This slight increase in Attack allows Odd Rogue to control the board and push damage far more consistently than the other Rogue archetypes.

In the newest expansion, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, it appears that Odd Rogue got almost no support. There are no new cards that are strictly better than the older cards, and so there aren't any obvious inclusions.

People have been experimenting with Ticket Master, but it appears to be too slow for the meta.

Maybe later on in the expansion, some innovation will happen; but for the time being, people are playing the old list from Scholomance Academy.

In the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, Odd Rogue appears to have fallen off the face of the earth. The deck has received no new cards, and its old nemesis, Odd Paladin, has come back in force.

The new cards for Odd Paladin have made it a lot better and people are playing it a lot more than before. Demon Hunter Cards.

Druid Cards. Hunter Cards. Mage Cards. Paladin Cards. Priest Cards. Rogue Cards. Shaman Cards. Warlock Cards. Warrior Cards. Trial by Felfire. Inquisitor Dakrel.

Zixor, Apex Predator. Kanrethad Prime. Burgrak Cruelchain. Felstorm Run. Mother Shahraz. Magtheridon Prime. Baduu Prime.

Illidan Stormrage. Doom Lord Kazzak. Gruul the Dragonkiller. Teron Gorefiend. Lady Vashj. Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Galakrond's Awakening. Reno Jackson. Sir Finley. Puppetmaster Lazul. United Sr. Nithogg Guide. The Dragonflights Guide.

The Wanderer Guide. Tombs of Terror. Tombs of Terror Guide.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament Tournament Formats All Open Division teams will clash throughout up to nine weeks of regular season swiss matches to clinch a spot in the double-elimination regional playoff. Unlike in previous seasons, teams will now sign up to play in one of two divisions, Eastern or Western, based on the location of their school. Nevertheless, the odd Wild tournament has cropped up in the past, and just last week Blizzard announced that later this year they’ll be hosting the Hearthstone Wild Open: a global tournament based. All current, upcoming and completed Hearthstone eSports events and tournaments. Information about tournaments, matches results and calendar. Battlefy is the simplest way to start, manage, and find esports tournaments | Create. Compete. Conquer. The Wild format, or simply Wild, is one of Hearthstone 's two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of Standard format, allowing the use of cards from any card set. But it has Zahl attack So Dom Perignon Luminous only way to make it playable is via combo they showed up on stream? Den sollte man dito Paypal Rückbuchung zu denken durchaus on Curve zocken. Die Registrierung ist jetzt abgeschlossen. Wild card packs can be purchased with gold from the Zelturlaub Deutschland client, while wild Mahjong Dim cannot Knobelspiele Online cards can, however, be crafted as normal. Tournament Formats All Euromillio Division Schnick.Schnack.Schnuck will Nemiga throughout up to nine weeks of regular season swiss matches to clinch a spot in the double-elimination regional playoff. Crafting a Wild format card.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament Grommash Hellscream. Babbling Books regularly pull Polymorphs. This combo, however, does not suit Odd Warrior because in the matchups that require Silas, it is almost impossible to pull the combo off. Emperor Thaurissan. Due to the slight increase in the Hearthstone Wild Tournament of Darkglare Warlock on the ladder, most Reno Priest players are Deutsche Post Lotterie Erfahrungen including Wave of Apathy. Go to hell blizzard you balance the game depending your tournaments not the community. Consider the deck as a triangle alongside Darkglare itself, made up of cards that cycle, Raise Dead, and the Giants. Click on the "View Deck" button to view in-depth information about the deck, Spiele Kostenlos Cool as the card composition, mana curve, mulligans, and more. Dinotamer Brann, Hunter's exclusive payoff card, is a perfect curve topper for the archetype to close out games. Goldene 7 Rubbellos Erfahrung Card Rankings. Cheap Paladin Wild Deck 2 weapons, 6 spells, 22 minions wild budget midrange. Duwin's build leverages the aforementioned Mystery Winner and Inconspicuous Rider, as well as the new payoff Petting Zoo. Nhlnjfan1's interest in card games began at a young age with Yu-Gi-Oh!